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Later in 2001, the product was re-branded under the brand name (TANK). TANK soon became the market leader in the water coolers category in Egypt, with its new design and sizes. By time and due to the frequent high growth level the company was achieving year over year, TANK was ready to spin off and become a stand-alone company.

In 2010 minlo acquired the largest brand of electric water coolers in Egypt: (KOLDAIR), and introduced a range of water dispensers and stainless steel water coolers, further expanding its water solutions range and minlo's leadership in the market.

In 2008 Minlo became the sole distributor for Procter & Gamble (P&G) their (Braun) brand in Egypt.

Minlo also owns the famous brand UNO.

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About minlo

It all started with the first Ice Tank or Water Cooler in 1989, a durable water preserver that holds 12 Liters of chilled water for up to 12hours. Millions have been sold over the years and the Coolers line has increased from one product to 16 different sizes designs and functions.

Clean pure water was another Human Need, hence we extended our Business to Water Filtration Solutions in 2007.

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