A Unique Technology that Fits your Needs

  • Cold Aid® Technology is Koldair’s newly introduced Climate Control Know How, that ensures a pure and balanced airflow in your controlled space. Using uniquely combined Plasma and Technologies with the Four Way Airflow, Koldair A/Cs guarantee fast, strong and pure air cooling.

40% Energy Saving and Bacteria-free Climate Control.

  • Koldair Inverters run with high efficiencies, saving 40% of Energy even at low electricity voltage of 130 Watts.
  • The i clean feature, ensures the cleaning of the inner parts of the Koldair A/C so it does not grow any harmful bacteria or fungus, providing clean healthy air at all times.

Promising You A Lifetime

  • When it comes to Performance and Durability, Koldair A/Cs are No. 1 as they are made of the best and most heavy-duty material and components. Koldair A/Cs promise a steady cooling performance at extreme hot weather condition even at 55 degrees Celsius. The used environmentally friendly 410A Freon is also responsible for Koldair’s compressor longevity.
  • The Technology used with Koldair’s A/Cs, lengthens their life time as it protects the inner parts of the Compressor from any erosions or rusts, a safeguard for a steady and stable performance.

Unique Climate Control for Pure Clean Air

  • Dot Feeling
    Stabilizes your surrounding climate with the temperature that feel best for you for the ultimate comfort and deep interrupted sleep.
  • Dot Sleep
    Smartly increases the temperature of your sleeping space within the seven hours of sleep, as your body temperature goes down to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep.
  • Dot Clean
    Kills Bacteria and Fungus to ensure a healthy and clean airflow in your space.
  • Dot Strong
    Powerful and instant climate control, whether cooling or heating, the feature ensures that your space is at the desired temperature in the shortest time possible.
  • Dot Health
    Featuring Air Plasma Technology, it removes any dust, cigarette smoke and air impurities helping to maintain immunity and a healthy respiratory system.

Five Year Warranty

  • Koldair provides a Five-Year Warranty through its professional After Sales Service Team using the most updated maintenance tools and kits.